• Frequently Asked Questions

    The FAQs are here to help you whether you're looking to apply to the #DiversifySocialMedia Initiative or looking to be a part of the mission.

    Why create #DiversifySocialMedia and who is behind it all?

    The #DiversifySocialMedia Initiative was started by four longtime social media marketers looking to diversify the social media landscape while providing the tools and resources for the next generation of social media managers.


    Here's a little bit about them:

    • Milly Tamarez is a comedian and freelance social media manager who is shopping her pilot around. Seriously. Get in touch ASAP to buy it.
    • Linda Dianne is a freelance social media manager, producer, and strategist who has worked with CPG/TV/FILM brands like Walmart, Néstle, YouTube, Netflix, and HBO Max. After being the only POC in the room, for nearly a decade, she is using this opportunity to open the door to more BIPOC in the industry.
    • Diana Scholl is a creative strategist at Google Social Lab. She has worked in social for 10+ years, including as social media manager at the ACLU where her claim to fame was telling Trump "we'll see you in court."
    • Max Lasher is a social strategist who's worked for clients like NBC, Cosmopolitan, and TIME. After seeing first-hand how social media impacts the culture at large, they are passionate about holding their industry accountable for creating BIPOC and LGBTQ-led spaces.
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    Special Thanks to:

    The #DiversifySocialMedia team would like to take an opportunity to thank Santi Pochat for being an ardent supporter and benefactor to the initiative from Day 1. We couldn't have accomplished or helped our previous cohorts without his contributions! Eventually, we'll have his photo here – but for now, just a giant thanks!

    I missed the deadline for the last session, did I miss my chance to apply?

    Don't worry! We are keeping applications open on a rolling basis. Any time we have a new deadline, we will make it clear on the application. So do not hesitate to apply to be a part of our next session.

    Do I have to be a recent graduate to apply?

    Not at all. We understand that we all find our paths in life at different times, so if you are a BIPOC interested in joining the field of social media marketing, we welcome you to apply.

    How can I volunteer to be a Session Lead, Panelist, or more?

    We are always looking for help and we have a variety of ways to share your time with students and alumni (Networking Lead, Panelist, Session Leader, Mentor, etc). Please fill out this application to be added to our database.

    Can I help in a way that is a little more hands off!

    We are lucky to be a victim of our success, so we now have a few unexpected costs like this site's maintenance and premium video conferencing software. If you want to contribute any dollars to the cause, we'd love your help. Please email us with the subject line "#DiversifySocialMedia support".

    As a graduate of DSM, how can I share my experiences with future students?

    If you're a graduate of #DiversifySocialMedia and would like to share your success story – whether it is getting the courage to ask for a raise, changing careers, or starting your own social media business – we'd love to hype you up! Please fill out this form to be featured on our website and social media.